Why get your eyewear from us?

At Primary Eyecare Center, we offer high quality custom eyeglasses with outstanding service. We will customize a visual solution for you using the latest technology in lightweight lenses, no-glare lenses, and progressive lens designs. Our products have an excellent warranty.

Whether you are looking for contemporary designer frames or a more traditional style, we will help you find just the right frame for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you select frames that look great, fit properly and are compatible with your lens prescription.

Customized Visual Solutions

Lens Design

Single Vision Lenses

There is one non-variable power throughout the lens. Glasses can be for general wear or for a specific task, such as driving or reading.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses can be used for those who need a different prescription for distance and near. These lenses have a line that separates distance and close vision. Traditional bifocal lenses do not work well at the computer and do not provide clear mid-range vision.

Trifocal Lenses

This lens has three zones and two distinct lines separating the zones. A trifocal lens provides three separate viewing areas: distance, mid-range and near.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive or “No-line Bifocal” lenses are great everyday lenses that provide several advantages over a bifocal or trifocal. Progressive lenses more closely mimic natural vision. Instead of providing just two lens powers like bifocals (or three, like trifocals), progressive lenses provide a smooth, seamless progression of many lens powers for clear vision across the room, up close and all distances in between. Cosmetically the lenses are appealing because they do not have any lines.

Eye glasses

Progressive lenses have evolved significantly in the last five years to improve quality of vision and decrease peripheral distortion or “swim” effects. Even if you were unsuccessful with a progressive in the past, we are confident that you will have much better results with progressives designed and fit by our experts.

We use only the most advanced progressive designs available and customize your progressive lens to best suit your lifestyle and visual requirements. For those who spend most of their time reading or working on the computer, a second pair of glasses may be necessary, such as occupational/computer glasses.

The latest progressive lenses provide high resolution vision, whatever the distance:

Occupational/Computer Lenses

Occupational lenses provide clear viewing in your work environment, facilitating reading from a computer screen and reducing eyestrain. You are a likely candidate for visual fatigue if you spend more than two hours a day reading or in front of a computer screen. Using a computer makes specific demands on the body and its movements. While reading from a screen does not lead to eye disease, it can reveal untreated or poorly corrected visual deficiencies and is often the source of significant eye fatigue.

Developed using in-depth research on posture while working on a computer, occupational lens designs deliver unique solutions suited to every person’s working habits. These lenses can be tailored to your work environment and are designed to provide complete vision in the workplace, from across the room to the computer screen, desk and keyboard.

Lens Materials & Treatments

Lightweight & Impact Resistant

Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, impact-resistant, and provide 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Lenses include a scratch resistant coating and are virtually unbreakable – making them the safest lenses available. Polycarbonate lenses are on average 30% lighter than standard plastic lenses, so you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them.

Polycarbonate lenses are ideal for nearly all prescriptions and lifestyles, and they are essential for children’s eyewear and for safety lenses. For those with active lifestyles or moderate to high prescriptions who desire comfort, protection, and performance in a thinner, lighter lens, polycarbonate is the material of choice.

Thinnest & Lightest

Lenses made from high-index plastic are thinner, flatter and more comfortable. These lenses provide the most advanced optical performance, while preserving cosmetic appearance for strong prescriptions. This is the material of choice to provide the best vision, comfort and appearance for individuals with high prescriptions. High index lenses also provide 100% UV protection and include a scratch resistant coating.

Lens thickness comparison with a +2 correction

Lens thickness comparison with a +2 correction

Transitions® (Lenses that Change from Light to Dark)

Transitions® lenses protect your eyes against harmful UV rays blocking 100% of UVA and UVB light. They are amazingly clear when you’re indoors and quickly darken when you go outside. Those who had older photochromic lenses will be impressed by the conversion speed of the new generation of Transitions® technology.

  • Transitions® lenses are perfectly clear indoors
  • Fast to activate and darken outdoors & fast to fade back indoors
  • Reduce the effects of glare and eyestrain
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection

Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks of Transitions Optical, Inc.

No Glare Lenses

Crizal® is a registered trademark of Essilor International.

End Glare with Crizal®

  • Improved Visual Comfort by Reducing Reflections
  • Great Cosmetic Appearance
  • Resists Scratches
  • Fights dust and fingerprints

No glare lenses (like Crizal®) are a must today to provide the best vision. The new premium anti-reflective lenses can improve night driving vision by reducing glare from oncoming headlights and improve clarity for reading and computer activities. Crizal® lenses are specially designed using revolutionary methods that integrate anti-glare properties with industry-leading, double-sided scratch resistance. Lenses are nearly invisible on your face, provide crisp vision, repel dust and are easy to clean.

TD2 (Tough, durable, 2-sided) Scratch Resistant Coating

All wearers will benefit from the superior scratch resistance provided by TD2 hard coating. Even those who are accustomed to scratch-resistant glass lenses will be impressed with this product.

On both sides of the lens
Consistent coating on both sides of the lens eliminates all risks of cracking.

Whatever the material
Consistent performance regardless of the design or material that TD2 protects.

Included on all Crizal® lenses
TD2 hard coat protects all Crizal®lenses.

Double layered coating

  • The first layer, the adhesion booster, eliminates any microscopic imperfections on the lens surface and allows coating of all materials.
  • The second layer, the hard coat varnish, contains glass like silicate particles in a plastic matrix providing the unique combination of hardness and flexibility.

Polarized Lenses

  • Glare reduction
  • Enhanced color perception
  • Improved contrast
  • Greater visual comfort
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection

Unlike most sunglasses, which only reduce brightness, polarized lenses improve contrast and clarity by reducing sun glare. A large amount of light entering the eye comes from sunlight reflected off smooth horizontal surfaces such as water, snow, ice, wet road surfaces and windshields. This glare reduces contrast and alters our perception of color and shape. Polarizing lenses are designed to cut out glare by minimizing reflected light through the use of special polarizing filters that only let useful light through.



Some of our popular frame lines include:

  • Nike
  • Oakley
  • Ray Ban
  • Tom Ford
  • Maui Jim
  • Flexon
  • Calvin Klein
  • Fysh
  • Vera Bradley
  • Trina Turk
  • Dragon
  • Longchamp
  • Kliik
  • Swarovski
  • Nicole Miller
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